When did the planning for this sanctuary start?

It actually had its beginnings in 2008. See the report at:


Why have we just started hearing about this in the past several months?

Details and regulations were not available until December of 2016.  Here’s the link:


The rules are in Appendix 1 starting on page 117.

Doesn’t it have broad-based support?

One would think so.  NOAA had support from a variety of sources for the nomination paper in 2014.  But it was only three of 72 counties in Wisconsin, 4 cities on Lake Michigan and a number of tourism bureaus and NGOs.  We were surprised at the number of citizens and businesses “outside the loop” who were unaware of the sanctuary.

We think a decision of this magnitude that involves state territory held in the public trust should be a state-wide legislative matter, not a unilateral decision by the governor.

What can I do?

The final decision is up to Governor Scott Walker.  Call him at 608-262-1212 !

Other state and federal contacts are at our Take Action! page.